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Throughout history the roles of women has changed dramatically. Women have been enslaved, put down and their rights taken away from them. Women have slowly but surly evolved into the individuals ones sees today in public office, law firms or even the five o’ clock news. However this evolution did not occur over night, it took time and can be made apparent in places one might not think to look. The roles of women in …

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…was living life for the wrong person; instead of living it for herself she was living it for her husband. Throughout the story Mrs. Mallard transcends from Mrs. Mallard to Josephine, her name. With the surprising sight of her husband came the realization that she was about to transform from Josephine back to Mrs. Mallard. Bibliography Meyer, Michael. The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature. Chopin, Emily. “The Story of an Hour”.Boston: University of Connecticut, 2000.