stimulation to the brain and it's affects

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Stimulation to the Brain and its Affects Do the levels of stimulation an individual receives as a child matter? Mark R. Rosenzweig, Edward L. Bennett, and Marian C. Diamond believe that it does. According to them, an adequate amount of stimulation can actually raise the ability to learn and increase the size of certain parts of the brain that are used in the learning process. In 1785, studies by an Italian, anatomist named Malacarne found more …

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…Rosenzweig, Bennett, and Diamondís project was put together quite well. They left little room for error and collected supporting evidence with which not many could argue. Due to results of their experiment as well as my own personal observations, I believe that the theory of stimulation to the brain is well thought out and one that could quite possibly become to be known as a fact in the near future. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** none needed