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UNIT NAME: MEDIC RACE: Terran RANK: 1st Lieutenant VITAL STATISTICS Hit Points: 60 Armor Class: Light Armor: 1 COSTS Mineral: 50 Gas: 25 Food: 1 TECH TREE Built From: Barracks Pre-Requisite: Academy WEAPONS Weapon System: none Attack Type: n/a Damage Class: n/a Splash Damage: n/a Damage: n/a Bonus: n/a SPELLS/SPECIAL ABILITIES Heal (Spell) Casting Cost: 1 mana point for every 2 hp healed Range: 2 Description: The Medic starts with this spell and may cast it on …

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…m, 150g Description: This will give all the player’s Ultralisks an addition +2 to their armor. ULTRALISK Anabolic Synthesis (Faster Ultralisk Movement) Researched at: Ultralisk Cavern Research Cost: 200m, 200g Description: This will greatly increase the speed of all Ultralisks. GOLIATH Charon Boosters (Increased Goliath Missile Range) Researched at: Machine Shop (also requires Armory) Research Cost: 150m, 150g Description: This will increase the Goliath Air attack range. This does not increase his ground attack range.