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The Greek city-state of Sparta and Athens both had times of greatness although their values and forms of government were very different .Sparta was very militaristic, they had the most powerful army in Greece from 600 BC. To 371 BC. The Athenians did not worry about war very much they concentrated on learning and art. The values and government of Athens can be described in the following ways .. Athenian government was a democracy. Two of the reformers …

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…in the history our government. I also favor the Athenians values on children. The Spartans must have been pretty heartless to leave a baby to die on a hillside. Athenians also had good contributions to the history of arts. The Greek city-state of Sparta and Athens each contributed to the culture and traditions of western civilization. The Spartans contributed many ideas in militaristic strategies. Were the Athenians contributed the idea of a democracy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**