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I believe All New People by Ann Lamott was chosen for the Independent Thinkers Ser Sex, drugs, presidential scandals, all this and more is to be found in the magnificently written novel All New People by Anne Lamott. Probing into a timeless array of chaos and personal tragedy, Lamott manages to tie the story together with a mixture of personal experiences and documented historical references creating an almost nostalgic, dreamy tone. As Naddy Goodman, the …

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…the boundaries of their own, settled lives. Before this time it was almost unheard of for a father to leave his family because he was “tired of it.” Lamott clearly and loudly states the meaning of her book in the title, All New People. This book was written for anyone who has ever looked back on his or her life with regret. Whether a pessimist or an optimist, “In a hundred years? -All new people.”