snow falling on cedars

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The novel, Snow Falling on Cedars, by David Guterson, gives some examples on how past events can effect a community. In 1954 on an island near Seattle, this novel describes the trail of a Japanese American fisherman accused of murdering a white colleague. The only one who can prove that the Japanese man, Kabou Miyanut, is innocent is his wife’s childhood love is still in love with her. The novel explores how this conflict interferes …

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…he is disabled physically. Towards the end, Ishmael finds out information that could break the case, and put a new man on trail. Throughout the book he has a conflict, because of his feelings towards Hatsue. He isn’t sure to do the right thing because that means if he does the right they Hatsue’s husband does not go t o jail. At the end Ishmael does the right thing and tells the truth.