slavery-comparison of david walker's appeal and kingsley's balancing evils judiciously

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From the beginning, slavery was embedded in American culture and played an integral role in American development. Starting at its emergence as a British colony, then later as an independent nation, America’s growth, prosperity, and resulting international strength, depended greatly on the exploitation of African slave labor. However, even though slavery was originally at the base of American culture, it proved to be a faulty foundation. Conflict concerning slavery soon effected all aspects of …

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…Walker each represented a different viewpoint of the conflict over slavery within the United States before the American civil war. Each man had a different ideology. One was a supporter of slavery, and one worked fervently to bring slavery to its end. Their arguments were completely incompatible, and yet, they were each striving towards the same goal. Each of these men was striving to accomplish what they honestly believed was best thing for their country.