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Slaghterhouse Five, by Kurt Vonnegut, is a story about Billy Pilgrim's life as he lives in circular time frame. We bounce back and forth to the times of his marraige, time in Tralfamadore, and to the times in Dresden, Germany. It is a very well written book full of war criticism that makes you think about you're current position in life. Billy Pilgrim is purely one who "can feel nothing and still get full credit …

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…five. They were warned the great city was going to be attacked. They could hear the planes and fire above, and when they arose from their building, they realized they were the only ones left. Billy was glad to see the war over, now he could go back home. He enjoyed fooling the humans around him and reading his Kilgore Trout books, full of humor only few could understand. Bibliography this book is a bibliography