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The Sitine Chapel There are many different pieces and many different style of art in the world. But none may hold more power and creativity than the one about to be discussed. This piecs of art is known to us as The Sistine Chapel. The Encylapedia of America says "this chapel was built by Giovannia de' Dolci between 1471 and 1484 for Sixtus IV" ."This masterpiece" as it was called by Carlo Pietrangeli the writer of the …

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…down on his back as many histians once thought." (World Book 1999 Vol 13 pg484) While he painted the ceiling he also kept a journal and in this journal he wrote a poem in which he complained of a stiff neck and of paint dripping into his eyes. In the margin on the same page he drew a caricature of himself reaching up to paint. The top of ths ceiling is about seventy feet from the floor.