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“Are Black’s the Untermensch(Sub Person)” The history of African integration into American society has been Permeated with human tragedy. Ever since the first slave boat reached the shore’s of America, a deep affliction to the African race transpired. Generations upon generations were ravished by the rapacity of there captors. Kept enchained and illiterate for hundreds of years, the idea of Blacks as the Untermensch in American society was milled into the American …

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…rights. Ralph Ellison the author of the short story “Battle Royal”, talks about the problems that exist as a fault of not just one person or race, but rather of each and every person who fails to do anything about. Ellison recognizes the situation of blacks being the Untermensch as being unfair and the only way blacks can find there proper place in society is to “be visible once again” (51 Ellison) through any necessary means.