shakespeare, salinger, and poe

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For this paper, I had to choose three writers that I have read in your class, so I choose William Shakespeare, J. D. (Jerome David) Salinger, and Edgar Allen Poe and compare and contrast their writing styles. William Shakespeare, was one of the greatest, romantic poets of all time, no other author that I am going to write about has ever, or ever will break through to as many people as Shakespeare. It was said …

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…the book's protagonist Holden Caulfield, soon became the 'cultural prototype of adolescent rebellion'. Other works of Salinger also explored problems of the youths of the time. I think that one of the things that all three authors have in common is that when they write, they all express their feelings, and their dreams in whatever they write. For instance Shakespeare wrote about love, Poe about Darkness, And Salinger about the problems with that era's youth.