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Shakespeare’s portrayal of love in Othello is much more romantic than that of his earlier works. In Othello we see two partners breaking away from the social aspects of marriage and entering the realm of mutual love. The love between Othello and Desdemona is quite unique. It is blatantly obvious that what they share is an incredibly powerful bond, a love that shakes their souls. A great example of this passionate love is their …

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…becomes so captivated with Desdemona that he fears such earthly enjoyment is sinful. Iago and Emily have a much different view on marriage. It is obvious that Iago has taken a very chauvinistic view of marriage. He believes it is the duty of the wife to keep the man content both physically and mentally. Emily’s view on marriage, most likely due to living with the evil Iago, is very unsettling. She tells. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**