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It's not beating on the Little Countries, It's Standing for what we Believe in, and Fighting for what is right The United States of America is one of the most dominant countries out there, if not the most dominant country. When another country, or terrorist group crosses us, it is necessary for us as a country to defend our nation and our beliefs. Some believe that for the U.S. to retaliate is an immature …

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…We are relentless, we are strong, and we're not going to stop." Works Cited Bergen, Peter L. Holy War, Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden. New York, New York 10020. Map Copyright 2001 by Peter L. Bergen CNN. September 12, 2002. < "Terrorism - My best essay on the topic". Planet papers. September 2002. "Retaliation: Not An Easy Choice". Planet Papers. September 2003.