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Anthony Maxwell English IV Mr. Reilly 14 November, 1999 The Secret Sharer This book has two main characters the Captain, who is the central main character, and Leggatt, the secret sharer, whom is the competitor, along with minor characters such as the first and second shipmates. The captain narrates the story, but he is telling the story years after it actually took place. It seems as if the character knows little about the other characters thoughts, he …

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…to be the whiskers of the first mate. Every time something was not going well, the Captain referred to the first mate by making a reference to his whiskers. The story was called the Secret Sharer because the Captain shared his thought with Leggatt. Even though Leggatt was a total stranger, like the rest of the boat’s crew, the Captain felt a special closeness to him and at times even called Leggatt his double.