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MATTHEW - CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION: Matthew begins with a geneology 1. From Abraham, the progenitor of the Jewish race, to David the king (vss. 1-6) 2. From Solomon the king, to the Babylonian captivity (vss. 7-11) - a turning point in Jewish history 3. From the Babylon captivity, to Joseph (vss. 12-17) - this Joseph is Mary's husband 4. The genealogies were very important documents a. The New Testament rest upon its accuracy b. It establishes Christ of the …

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…them to Bethlehem A. They traveled by camel, not jet (probably took many months) B. Herod said he wanted to worship Him, really wanted to kill Him Verses 9-10 - No doubt a supernatural star, they were glad because of the Savior Verse 11 A. They came to a house, not a stable and manger - they saw a young child, not a baby B. They worshipped Jesus, not Mary - Mary was a great lady,