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JAZZ RESEARCH PAPER SARAH VAUGHAN GOLDEN HITS MERCURY RECORDINGS 1990 SUBMITTED BY KATRINA GRIFFIN 2011.4 HUMANITIES PRO CHAMBERS According to Joseph Levey of The Jazz Experience: A Guide to Appreciation, “The jazz song is, at least, partially a literary form of expression; instrumental music is an abstract form of expression. Jazz singing involves lyrics, words, and ideas, whereas jazz playing is a purely musical statement. Thus, the jazz singer is limited improvisationally, to a degree, because he …

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…her control of timbre, pitch, articulation and dynamics and her ability to harmonically, melodically and rhythmically are without peer. Lyrics are additional tools with which she injects further irony and emotion into her performance. BIBLIOGRAPHY LEVEY, JOSEPH: The Jazz Experience (New Jersey. 1962) Giddins, Gary: Rhythum-a-ning Jazz Tradition and Innovation in the 80’s (NewYork.1985) Howard, John: This Modern Music A guide for the bewildered listener (New York.1970) Deveaux, Scott: The Birth ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** 18 f georiga college