same sex marriage

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The first article by Jonathan Rauch is titled “For Better or Worse?”. He begins his article by discussing the purpose of marriage, and why he feels that marriage was mere tradition initially, and then became largely a matter of business. In today’s world, he feels marriage is a voluntary arrangement between two people and consists of what they make of it. Throughout the rest of the article, Rauch spends time discussing negative views on …

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…had more than 500 sexual partners and 28% of gay men have had more than 1000 sexual partners. Why should we believe a politician telling us that these stereotypes are not true, when we have studies to validate such s! o-called stereotypes? I feel Fallon’s speech would have been better served coming out of his rear end, since it is nothing more than political bullsh__. I give Fallon one middle finger up for his speech. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**