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Romulus Augustus was the son of the emperor Julius Nepos' Pannonian master general Orestes. He is perhaps better known by his diminutive nickname, Romulus Augustulus, which means, Little Augustus". It is one of the odd coincidences of history that Rome's first and last emperor, in the West at least, should be named Augustus. Earlier in the year 475, Orestes revolted against Nepos, who fled to Salona. Orestes put his son on the throne instead of claiming …

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…many ways, there is no way we can totally understand their politics and culture because nobody living today was alive during the time of the Romans. In more substantial ways, they were a people just like us. The events and people portrayed in this work of history will make us aware of their uniqueness, but to a much greater degree, through our study of them we can see how much they were just like us.