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The Rocking-Horse Winner The main themes in “ The Rocking-Horse Winner” are the pursuit of love and luck. Both of the main characters in " The Rocking-Horse Winner", Hester and Paul, are in pursuit of love. First the mother, Hester married for love, and the love faded, she gained children from her marriage, but she could not love them. Nowhere in her life does she find love for anyone but herself. The closest thing to love that …

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…to his death and even in his dying words he is trying to prove to his mother that he is lucky, which to him is synonymous with money. The mother, Hester, is greedy and lives for the all-mighty dollar. Paul, the boy, wins all this money betting on the horses to please Hester and when she gets it, it still isn't enough. I guess it goes to show you, live for money, die for money!