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Robert Lowell unites a world event, a personal moment, and elements of religious belief to create a realistic theme, granting him the title “Father of Confessional Poetry”. Lowell’s family history, his bouts of madness, marital problems, and scandalous opinions all were required for his unruly art. Lowell used detail from life to position his readers in psychic moments from which truths were spoken. Critics went so far as to describe Lowell as a heroic …

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…this authors life and work (McAllister 245). ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Works Cited Black, Frank, ed, Collection of Twentieth Century Poetry. New York: Haper Collins Publishers, 1992. McAllister, John, ed, Father of Confessional Poetry. New York: Right Publishers, 1992. McKay, Nellie, Y. “Robert Lowell.” The World Book Encyclopedia, 6th ed., 1997. Parker, Peter., ed., A Reader’s Guide to Twentieth Century Writer’s, New York: Oxford University, Press, 1996. Sime, Richard. ed. et. al. Elements of Literature. Austin: Halt Rinehart & Winston Inc., 1997.