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June 14 - LONDON - On a good day, Bridget Jones weighs no more than 120 pounds, smokes no more than five cigarettes, imbibes no more than three alcohol units, comes up with one or two clever ideas at the office meeting, and checks her voice mail maybe two or three times to see if her boyfriend has phoned. On a bad day - of which there are many - the statistics are less satisfying. Still, the …

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…with me?'' The editors at Viking have decided that moments like that require no translation. Still, they have made a few changes to accommodate American readers. While Bridget measures her weight in "stone'' (a unit equaling 14 pounds), the U.S. edition will convert the figure to "pounds.'' A London production company called Working Title, which made "Four Weddings and a Funeral,'' is gearing up to turn "Bridget Jones's Diary'' into a movie.