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Snow Falling On Cedars During the dark days of World War II, our government made a decision, based on prejudice and fear, to intern Japanese Americans. These interment camps were largely based in the Northwest. Hardworking citizens were forcibly taken from their jobs and homes and held against their will. It is a part of our history that we are now ashamed of and rightfully so. I did not study this disgraceful episode as a …

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…the same at wars end. Agreements were no longer honored and the isolated island became emotionally remote as well. Without giving away too much, a sub-plot of romance and passion weave a complex trail throughout the story and redemption and integrity eventually save the day. This is an amazing book. It won the Pen Faulkner award and (most deservedly) is selling like crazy. Snow Falling on Cedars. Its' prose is as gentle as its' title.