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The supernatural , courage , love , nemesis and ambition are woven throughout the tragedy of Macbeth. By act 4 scene 3 many of these themes have been introduced. Enticed and encouraged by evil , supernatural forces , the very ambitious Macbeth has received the crown of king Duncan through devising and executing evil deeds . These evil doings , along with Macbeth’s inability to manage and govern a nation efficiently , has sent the country into disrepute. Throughout Act 4 Malcolm and Macduff discuss …

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…deep grief which follows a personal tragedy. Macduff’s pain is intensified by his guilt, but he turns his guilt and pain to good use as he concludes his solitary meditation. He resolves no longer to weep , no longer to “play the woman with mine eyes” ( A 4 , s3 , lines 230 ) . Malcolm’s last words , “ This tune goes manly” ( A 4 , s3 , lines 235 ) , fittingly concludes the scene in a double resolution of individual and national consequence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**