response essay about identity to the novel Catfish and Mandala

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Banana's identity The flag of five stars is flying gloriously in the sky. Everyone is clapping enthusiastically. Fireworks are being shot off like a dragon and transform to a vivid crown. All of a sudden, I hear my name in a familiar husky voice, "Andrew? Interesting video huh, you were watching it without a blink!" I recognize that's Mr. Scherer's voice, he continued, "I'm glad that you're paying so much attention to the video. So …

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…first, but as time goes by, I'm sure people would understand how delicious and stunning this banana is. As long as overcoming the big turning point in life, I think anyone can live happily in America, but not "only westerners can do it" (Pham 77). Pham has successfully found his home at the end of the story. I wish next time when I come back from Hong Kong, I can say to myself "welcome home." (Pham 342).