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The Theme of Metamorphosis in the Novels of Ray Bradbury In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles he uses the theme of metamorphosis to show how his characters survive reality. Through the characters in these novels he is able to show their survival through personal metamorphosis. Critic Willis E. McNelly states "The central tensions that permeate all of Bradbury's works are those of stasis, entropy, and change. Change will come, he seems to say…"(173). …

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…not being able to change and put the events on Earth behind them, they have to go back to Earth and later die in the nuclear fallout of World War III. "He reveals these tensions [Metamorphosis] frequently in short stories, 8 but even Major works like The Martian Chronicles or Fahrenheit 451"(McNelly 173). The accomplishment made characters from both books overcome great odds just to change and become what they want and have always wanted to become.