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The Renaissance was a period by which modern scholars consider as that between 1350 1600. Abundant in this new age was inventions and individualistic beliefs. Changes in music and cultural behavior were some of the most evident development from its predecessor of the Middle ages. Period of new inventions, belief, musical styles of freedom, and individuality. It was a period of exploration and adventure from 1492-1519, which saw the likes of Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, and …

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…regarded as mere skilled craftsman, as they had been in the medieval past, but for the first time emerged as independent personalities. The Renaissance was a time of new awakening in Europe. Bibliography Work Cited Perry, Marvin, Chase Myrna, Jacob James R, Jacob Margaret C, Von Laue Theodore H. Western Civilization. New Jersey, Princeton, 1996 Kamien, Roger Music, an appreciation, Boston, 1998 Mc Comb, Todd M. A Selection of Renaissance Music, Internet,, ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**