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Ed Dewitt October 17, 2000 English Comp. 101.03 Dr. Okun “Sportsmanship” Sportsmanship, what do you think it is? Sportsmanship today isn’t what it has been in the past. As you see sportsmanship today you see that it has changed from the past. Sportsmanship is defined as skill or fondness for sports. The Webster's dictionary uses the term “ Qualities and behavior conduct and attitude viewed as fair play, benefiting a sportsman.” When you were a kid after every …

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…who shows unsportsmen like behavior. The national football league has started to do that by fining a person when taunting another person. Sportsmanship can definitely use some improving. Kids look up to superstars in the professional leagues and I know that kids do whatever their favorite athlete does. I wouldn’t let my kid show bad sportsmanship in a game. So I ask this question again, Sportsmanship, what do you think it is? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**