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The book Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier is a narrative that takes the form of a flashback. The main character, Mrs. Maxim de Winter,begins the story remebering her beautiful home Manderley. Her flashback begins with the memories of how she and Maxin de Winter first met, in Monte Carlo years before. They met while she was traveling with the wealthy Mrs. Van Hooper. Maxim was staying at the same hotel and they began to …

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…inside. The coroner delivers a report of suicide, rather than murder. Soon Rebecca's cousin Favell, certain that she did not kill herself, accuses Maxim of the crime. Maxim is saved by the discovery that Rebecca was dying of cancer, a motive for her suicide. In the end, Mr. and Mrs. de Winter drive back to Manderley to find Mrs. Danver's had disappeared and Manderley in flames. Bibliography Du Maurier, Daphne. Rebecca. New York: Avon Books, 1971.