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Rape has become the fastest growing, most under-reported, and least punished crime in the United States. “It is legally defined as sexual intercourse by forcible compulsion.” (23) The FBI estimates that only one in ten rapes are ever reported to the police, and of those reported 50% of the rapists are arrested. Some people think that rape is “secretly desired,” or the victim “asked for it.” However, the truth is no women or man ever really asks …

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…are ever really safe. Rape occurs in all ages and races. Anyone can be raped, even married women can be raped by their husbands. Rape is a violent act, not a sexual one, where the victim often requires medical attention and counseling. Many myths are circulating about rape that are not true. People need to learn the truth about rape. It should be known that they to could be victims of this horrid criminal act.