pygmalion vs educating rita

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Entertainment from today's astounding visual effects in movies to men acting as women in Shakespearean plays some centuries ago, have always been and will always be appreciated by many. Even George B. Shaw's play Pygmalion, has given a few laughs, but not only made for engaging an audience in something fun and making money, instead to a noticeable extent for people to learn. "Pygmalion" in fact, is a play filled with its popular misconceptions, like …

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…the women do not, they analyze its surroundings, thinking about it as a whole with its consequences. This one definitely sees with the male and female characters in the play. The socio-linguistics, which the writer also has as one of the main themes, is defined to be the key factor on how you perceive people. Lastly, what he also puts emphasis into is the popular misconceptions that are crucial for the plot of this story.