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Although a procrastinator is usually defined as “someone who intentionally and habitually puts off doing something,” the act of becoming a procrastinator is a psychological process. There are various stages of procrastination. Stages that all people are guilty of doing at some point in their life. In order to be branded a true procrastinator one must complete all three stages. The first stage is denial. All people commit this stage of procrastination. Denial is the …

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…end of the procrastination cycle. In addition, it is the defining moment of becoming a procrastinator. Procrastination can be a positive action since a person learns how to work under pressure. Just because a person has put off one or two projects does not mean they are necessarily a procrastinator by nature. It means that they are human. In order to become a procrastinator one must continually complete the cycle of denial, daydreaming, and paranoia