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Pride and prejudice Austen, Jane   Geschreven door: sanne bosse Taal: Engels Vak: Engels Soort: Uittreksel   First published 1813 Summary The story is about a family, named Bennet. They have got five daughters, Jane (the eldest), Elizabeth, Mary, Lydia and Kitty. The family lives in Longbourn. There is a house near the Bennets, itís called Netherfield. A rich bachelor named Bingley rents it. He is accompanied by his two sisters, Mr Hurst, husband of one of …

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…There were some characters that really annoyed me, like Mrs Bennet, because she is behaving so ridiculously. And Mr Collins because he is so arrogant towards Lizzy and he has nothing to offer. It could also be that they acted so well and on TV (I didnít like them there either) that I already knew what to expect of them before I started to read the book. So I was influenced by the television.