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Mary Higgins Clark has delivered to readers the fifteenth of her bestselling suspensers. In the starring role this time is Lacey Farrell, a big-wheel real estate agent. Lacey sells luxury condos in New York City and becomes friends with one of her clients, Isabelle Landi. Their conversations are centered around Isabelle's daughter, who died a couple of years ago in a car crash; however, the mother is terribly disturbed because she does not believe that …

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…heavily on two aspects -- unrelenting suspense and the reader's acute sympathy for the protagonist -- these are not minor points. Finally, I should also mention that the procedural details seem pretty weak -- I know it's just a plot pretense, but the standards for that kind of thing have gotten much higher than Ms. Clark is apparently willing to go. This novel needs extensive re-construction before it could hope to command a reader's interest.