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The Effects of Poverty in Our World All over the world, disparities between the rich and poor, even in the wealthiest of nations is rising sharply. Fewer people are becoming increasingly “successful” and wealthy while a disproportionately larger population is also becoming even poorer. There are many issues involved when looking at poverty. It is not simply enough (or correct) to say that the poor are poor due to their own (or their government’s) …

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…deserve they same chances in life and are less of a human than those who have financial freedom. Christi Frias Works Cited 1. Valentine, Charles A. CULTURE AND POVERTY. Thee University of Chicago Press, 1968. 2. Engendorf, Laura K. POVERTY, OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS. Greenhaven Press, 1999. 3. Lynn, Laurence E, and McGeary, Michael G.H. INNER CITY POVERTY IN THE UNITED STATES, National Academy Press, 1990. 4. Shein, Lori. INEQUALITY-OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS IN SOCIAL PROBLEMS. Greenhaven Press, 1998. 5. Katz, Michael, THE UNDERSERVING POOR. Pantheon Books, 1990.