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What exactly do you mean by "polygamy"? "Polygamy", as referred to on this site, is meant in its popular usage, where one husband has more than one wife at the same time. This is technically known as "polygyny", but you would have to be really keen to know that. On this site "Polygamy" does not refer to "polyandry", where one wife has more than one husband at once. That is a practice which has never …

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…names on a piece of papyrus or good quality paper. Bind it with red thread and burn it with herbs of Love or Venus as you recite the spell. Bury the ashes beneath a tree, or scatter them near the pyramids in Egypt. It is an Arab proverb that 'time laughs at history, but the pyramids laugh at time'. This is an eternal spell, unless you alter it. It can also be used for hand