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Plot Summary of The Chosen The action of The Chosen unfolds in the immigrant community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, against the backdrop of World War II. It is seen through the eyes of Reuven Malter, a boy who would appear to have much in common with Danny, for they are both brilliant, Jewish, closely tied to their fathers, and near-neighbors who live only five blocks apart. Still, they attend separate yeshivas and inhabit very different worlds. …

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…a compassionate soul, not with a brilliant uncaring intellect. Reb Saunders’ pain is made evident at the novel’s conclusion. He has recognized his own limitations as Danny’s teacher and has seen the Malters as a blessing: worthy guides for Danny. He also knows that the Malters integrate Danny into the America he himself is cut off from, and compassionate individuals in their own right, an essential feature in a teacher. Bibliography my head!