plate tectonics

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Now Showing Matches 1 To 19 Field Guide to Geology A 6 page book report on "The Field Guide to Geology" by David Lambert. Lambert is known for his clear and unique style of cataloging information so that laymen can readily understand the subject. This book is no exception to that rule. It is a very clear and concise introduction to the world of geology, written in easy to understand language. He covers subjects such as the earth's …

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…model for a Quaternary andesitic composite volcano: Ruapehu, New Zealand. Bulletin of Volcanology. 51:51-68 R. Herbert(1996) Mt. Ruapehu Gallery. D.J. Hooton(1970) New Zealand: The Physical Environment. D. Lapidus(1990) Dictionary of Geology. Oxford Press, England. I.E.M. Smith (ed.)(1986) Late Cenozoic Volcanism in New Zealand. Royal Society of New Zealand, Wellington. This page was written by Pippa Swannell. Last modified : 26 September 1997