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Peter I, was born to Alexis Romanov and his second wife Natalia Naryshkina on May 30, 1672. Peter grew up in a chaotic period of Russian history. His fatherís early death at the age of thirty-one left a bitter struggle for power between the family of Alexisís first wifeís family, the Miloslavskaias, and Peterís family. A brief period of reign by Peterís half brother Fedor was followed by his half sister Sofia …

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…really won the war in 1709 at the battle of Poltava, Sweden continued to fight because of support from France and Britain. The results of the war made Russia the most powerful country in Northern Europe, and the undisputed master of the Baltic Sea. The Great Northern War also, and more importantly, made Peter revered throughout Europe as a powerful, successful, and ultimately Western style leader of a respected nation long after his death on January 28, 1725.