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Perceval Edited by Roger Sherman Loomis And Laura Hibbard Loomis 9/27/00 Laura Hannah Jamieís discussion Friday 12:00 Perceval In the story Perceval edited by Roger Sherman Loomis and Laura Hibbard Loomis, Perceval the main character has many adventures, in which he learns many lessons about life. The story starts out with Perceval, the son of a widow, out in the forest listening to the sweet season and all the warbling of the birds. In the distance …

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…So Perceval set out to find the nobleman and tried to save him. On his way he met a priest who made he realize that everything he had done was foolish because he didnít keep his promise to his mother and worship the lord. So Perceval repents for his sins and stays with the priest. There the story ends. The moral of the story is to always have God in your heart. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**