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Pearl Harbor: Isolationism It is a common held belief that America has historically been a nation driven by the ideology of isolationism. The best cases for these arguments are through our unwillingness to participate in either world war. The lynch pin being the events that happened in Pearl Harbor. I will try to dispel this theory in my essay. On December 7th, 1941 war was forced upon America by the Japanese assault on Peal Harbor, and …

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…war, initially, in retaliation to the threat of war. It was forced, inadvertently, into war, not by Presidential conspiracy to overturn isolationist feelings, but out of self-defense. Bibliography Charles C. Transill, “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace” (New York 1957) Ibid., 688. Roberta Worhlstetter: Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision (New York 1980) Akira Ariye: Across the Pacific: an Inner History of American-East Asian Relations (New York 1967) The American Past: Conflicting Interpretations of the Great Issues Vol. II (Macmillan Co. 1961)