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Scratchy Wilson does not fit the stereotypic persona of a traditional western outlaw. In fact, he is the opposite of everything that an outlaw is. This is shown in the second section of the story. The men in the Weary Gentleman saloon act fearful when they hear that Scratchy Wilson is drunk. The bartender locks and barred the door and closes the windows. However, the men in the bar are not afraid of Scratchy killing …

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…with a BB gun rather than an outlaw with a real gun. Finally, in the last part of the fourth section is the most pervasive example. A real outlaw would not have taken a second thought when he has an opportunity to kill his “ancient antagonist” (216) or a woman. Outlaws such as Jesse James, Harvey Logan, and William “Bloody Bill” Anderson killed unarmed men, women and children. Scratchy does not behave like these traditional outlaws.