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Panama It Is! The year is 1835, and an announcement is mad eby a group of American busnessmen. This announcement is of their intention to build a canal system on the ithsmus of landformerly known as Norhtern Calumbia. That land is now known as Panama. The citizens of the U.S. at that time were in search of many things. These thing were imperialistically in favor of the Americans. These economy-boosting adventures were risky, and the …

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…territory, much the same as Alaska. Reagan took a lot of heat for this statement, and is still asked about it today. Article III of the 1936 canal treaty states" the canal zone is the property of the Republic of Panama, under the jurisdiction of the United States of America." . This statement was re-stated, and emphasized by Ellsworth Bunker when he stated," We bought Louisiana, we bought Alaska. In Panama we bought not territory, but rights.