othello and iago

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Champion, Larry S. Shakespearean Criticism. Edited. Dana Banks. Vol. 35.: Detroit. Gale. 1997 Shakespeare, William. “Othello.” Literature: The Human Experience. New York. St. Martin. 1996 In his analysis of the popular Shakespearean play “Othello, Tale of the Moor of Venice,” Champion focuses most of his criticism on Othello’s naive ways and the evil, which Iago portrays. According to Champion, Othello “is heroic and noble, but naively egotistic.” (253) This is shown when Othello easily believes Iago’s foolish …

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…events that lead to the tragic end of the play. In all Shakespeare creates one of the greatest fictional villains ever. The maliciousness and manipulatory ways of Iago leads him to almost get away with the systematic murder of four people. As well as turning the noble Othello into an creature so blinded my jealousy, and self-doubt, he would kill the woman he loved. The only thing that got Iago caught was his own greed.