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Achilles is set upon the emotional side of the mind. His actions and decisions revolve very closely on his emotions, which is usually anger. He shows no mercy for Hector, he is ruthless and cruel in his ways with the enemy, almost like war is the only answer. But he also is seeking revenge for his close friend Patroclus who was killed by Hector. To see such a mighty creature, such as Achilles, and to …

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…someone challenging him. Not only that, he would believe it honorable to be taken down in battle. Odysseus, on the other hand, knows he cannot beat the cyclops in pure strength and fighting, so he tries to outwit the one-eyed creature. Of course, Odysseus will live longer than Achilles even if it is not a very happy life through most of it. And Achilles, his fate was marked by Zeus along with Hector's. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**