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Comparison/ Contrast Essay In "The Perils of Obedience" by Stanley Milgram, Milgram explains that obedience is a natural occurring behavior, which acts on instinct ignoring a persons ethics, sympathy, and moral conduct (Milgram 343). In this experiment two people come into the laboratory where they are told they will be taking part in a study of memory and learning. One subject is the "teacher" and the other is the "learner". The teacher is ask to read …

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…individuality because they still had that. Zimbardo's prisoners were fighting for their individuality. Subjects were taken from the streets and thrown into a prison where all their fights as citizens were taken away. Bibliography Works Cited Behrens, Laurence, and Leonard J. Bosen, eds. Writing and Reading Across The Curriculum. 7th ed. New York: LongMan. 2000. Milgram, Stanley. "The Perils of Obedience." Behrens and Rosen. 343-356. Zimbardo, Philip K. "The Stanford Prison Experiment." Behrens and Rosen. 363- 376.