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Ostrogoths The Goths were Germanic people who probably migrated from Southern Scandinavia some time before the time of Christ. By the third century, the Goths had settled in the areas around the Black Sea. Those who settled in the area of the modern Ukraine came to be known as Ostrogoths. The Goths were divided into Ostrogoths and Visigoths. The name "Ostrogoths" means "the Eastern Goths." The Ostrogoths developed a huge empire north of the Black …

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…In 476, a date which is often taken as marking the end of the Roman Empire in the west, the German mercenary leader Odoacer deposed the ursuper Romulus Augustulus, a boy witha truly ironic name and sent the imperial paraphernalia to Constantinople. Even thereafter most of the Germanic chieftains gave deference to the emperor in the east, so overtrown in 493 by Theodoric, leader of the Ostrogoths, who had been directed toward Italy by teh eastern emperor.