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For days, Winterbourne tries in vain to see Daisy at her hotel. Finally, the day of Mrs. Walker's party arrives, and although Winterbourne and Mrs. Walker did not part at the Pincian Gardens on the best of terms, he goes in hope of seeing Daisy there. When Daisy's mother arrives, Winterbourne overhears her say that she has come unescorted because Daisy and Giovanelli can't tear themselves away from the piano. Mrs. Walker is incensed. She …

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…he were a count or a marquis, although he himself doubts that the Millers are yet even sophisticated enough to think of trying to snare a titled European. A number of Americans greet Mrs. Costello on their way through the church, and most of them have a comment about Daisy's behavior. Winterbourne is not happy with what he hears. It upsets him to have the "pretty and undefended and natural" young woman described as "vulgar."