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The Neoplatonic Doctrine As defined by Funk and Wagnals, Neoplatonism is a type of idealistic monism in which the ultimate reality of the universe is held to be an infinite, unknowable, perfect One. From this one emanates nous (pure intelligence), whence in turn is derived the world soul, the creative activity of which engenders the lesser souls of human beings. The world soul is conceived as an image of the nous, even as the nous …

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…modern day writers like Fritjof Schuon) it made its way into the "New Paradigm" and transpersonal psychology arena. (Neoplatonism) Works Cited Adolph Harnack and John Malcolm Mitchell, "Neoplatonism", in Encyclopaedia Brittanica, vol XIX, p.376, (Eleventh Edition, 1911); R. T. Wallis, Neoplatonism, p.94 "Neoplatonism." 18 October 1998. R. T. Wallis, Neoplatonism (1972); R. Baine Harris, 2nd ed. "The Neoplatonic Doctrine." Funk and Wagnalls. 1998 The Significance of Neoplatonism (1976); E. R. Doss, Select