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US Nativism In 1854 there was a rise in a political party called the “Know Nothings” and they were against the immigration of Catholics into the United States. They’re belief was they didn’t want foreigners to hold political positions, influencing their communities they lived in, and affecting their lifestyle. This type of belief is called nativism. Nativism is a belief that favors native populace as opposed to immigrants. Through out history this has been …

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…possibly take away their jobs, live in their neighborhoods, and possibly hold a political position. Nativism is caused by fear, ignorance, conservatism, racism, but ultimately greed. It has been a long lasting problem that will hopefully be overcame by humanity. Organizations are formed to that work with people of all nationalities such as the United Nations. And in even with the problem of US nativism the United State still is the leader in letting immigrants