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Nathan Bedford Forrest Nathan Bedford Forrest, one of the military geniuses of American history, was born July 13, 1821 in Bedford County, Tennessee. Nathan Forrest was the son of William and Marian Beck Forrest. Nathan's father Willaim died when he was only 16. Forrest rose from poverty to become a wealthy cotton planter, horse and cattle trader, real estate broker, and slave dealer. Nathan Forrest was perhaps the most interesting and controversial general of the civil war. This …

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…Forrest's military tactics were known to be the greatest and were used during World War II and are still used now. One of the military geniuses of American history Nathan Bedford Forrest died in Memphis, Tennessee on October 29, 1877 of diabetes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Works Consulted "Forrest, Nathan Bedford." Dictionary of American Biography. 1931 "Forrest, Nathan Bedford." Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia. 1986 "Short Biography of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest." Online. Internet. Available: Http://